In 2020 OM53 (formerly ØM-53) released their debut album Defender. The album was the band's first attempt at creating something that sounded different than most Christian radio at the time. Tired of the same sound and with little help, the New Jersey natives sat in their room, produced their album, and released one song a month. "Defender," inspired by synthwave sounds, broke through all the noise and with over 1 million streams on streaming platforms made its way into radio in Latin America and the UK. That year "Defender" was named song of the year on one of Guatemala's biggest radio stations.

After the pandemic, the boys' plans of touring were crushed and they had no other option but to reflect on their reality and put their heads down to write. They continued releasing music in the same space and produced The Voyager. This album would be their last synthwave inspired project as the boys believed their sound was ready for a change.


Stream “Junior Year (Side A) Homecoming” here

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As the team grew, so did their sound and Junior Year (Homecoming) Side A came to life. The now indie pop band was ready to show their supporters a more intimate side of their music. This album was an open letter that showed the guys' struggle with insecurities, love, church politics, and just growing up.

Since then the small indie band from New Jersey has opened for acts like Colony House, Newsboys, Lecrae, We the Kingdom, and others playing a wide range of venues all over the country such as the main stage at Creation Fest, Soul Fest, and the Mann Center in Philadelphia. Their music is filled with nostalgia, faith, analog synths, lush chorus guitars, and catchy melodies.

OM53 is here to stay and make moves for the indie scene. Keep an eye out for all the shows and new music coming in 2023.

The band prepares to release their EP "get better" in April 2023 starting off with the single "waiting for the day" on Jan 6, 2023.


Listen to the new single - "waiting for the day"


Junior Year - Side A (Homecoming)